Business includes: Electronic products (BLU, LCM, Touch panel and its main components) sorting, testing and maintenance.

Sorting and Maintenance service mode


Sorting and maintenance business competitive advantage


Sorting and maintenance Business advantages


Provide the advantages of operation place and storage value-added service

Group relies on the distribution of a wide range of major branches have their own corresponding sorting and maintenance of dust-free room, can provide customer operations venues, storage value-added services.

Management Team Coordination Advantages

Our core service team has LCD module industry units, Japanese companies, Korea and many years of work experience in the production of higher-level supervisors, training instructors, frontline management staff. Can be coordinated in place within 4H, work synchronously.

Human Resources Coordination Advantages

Group Unified Recruitment training, manpower deployment. All areas of the first-line operators, after strict training and assessment of post, can be in the shortest possible time for the deployment of human resources.

Advantages of equipment and fixture

Group has a professional equipment design, processing workshop, for different customer products, can be self-developed, customized matching testing, testing equipment, fixture. Meet customer production needs at the same time, reduce equipment, fixture procurement costs. The quotation link has the competitive advantage.

Financial resources Guarantee

Group Diversified development Model + full-time Finance Department senior financial experts for the whole group of Long-term capital planning, to ensure smooth capital chain.

Customer Resource Advantages

Group and industry giants Jindongfang, Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Foxconn and other international first-line customers to reach a wide range of cooperative relations, cost control has a strong customer base.

Dormitory environment